Friday, February 17, 2012

1st table runners

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When my friend Judi suggested I try quilting, and I was a little intimidated I might add, she had me start with the flying geese pattern.  It's pretty simple, just putting together a bunch of triangles. You know me by now, I didn't follow the directions because I wanted it as diamonds.  I also added some length so it would hang over the intended table.  This one took me a year to finish; the bug hadn't quite bitten yet. 

A few months later Judi suggested I try another table runner and brought me some patterns.  Since I have another table in view of the first runner I thought it would be good to make something out of the same fabric, and I had plenty left over.  I can't quite tell you why, or what happened, but all of a sudden it hit me.  I LOVE quilting.  I couldn't get enough.  Maybe it's being at the store, surrounded by so many great fabrics with ideas popping.  Maybe it's the joy of giving something homemade, with so much time, thought and care put into the gift, to someone else.  It could be the girl time spent with friends sewing together.  Might be seeing the finished project come together and look amazing.  Maybe it's adding a cool, custom decoration and everytime you walk by being able to say 'I did that, and I love it!'  Whatever it is, I'm unstoppable now.  :)

For the "square times" runner I used a light/medium/dark combination instead of a light/dark as the instructions say to do.  I would have preferred to use the medium fabric on the inside squares and the dark for the outside and ending triangles, but I didn't have enough of it left, and I couldn't find it anymore. 

These are the runners I use when I don't have holiday ones to display.

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