Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine Table Runners

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Sew Square
Sewing for me started a few years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to it while I was helping her make aprons.  She taught me the basics of cutting patterns, piecing fabrics together, etc and it wasn't long before I was hooked and wanted in on the action.  I bought myself a Brother machine from Costco.  I was looking for something simple and inexpensive to start with.  Then I started a new job and shortly after a new world of sewing opened up to me from the gals at work.  Quilting.  I'm in love. 

Sassy Strips
In 2010 my friend Judi wanted to get a few of us started so she suggested a Valentine's table runner using the flying geese pattern.  Dionne and I went to the fabric store during lunch to pick our fabrics.  I ended up with choices that were less Valentine and more to the style of my house.   

Since my first runner didn't end up being very 'Valentine', I decided to try again.  This time I bought fabrics specifically for the holiday.  I have 2 tables in view of each other, so I had to make 2 runners.  I like the idea of using the same fabrics but changing the pattern.  I think the runners turned out pretty striking, especially with the Batik.  The novelty print was my focus fabric when I was in the store, but the pink is the one that catches my eye now.  What do you think?

The Sew Square runner I made as directed ... and I didn't find this one easy.  In fact, while I was putting it together I started to doubt my choices and didn't like it very much.  When it was done though - I loved it.  For Sassy Strips I made 2 minor changes, just like cooking - I rarely stick with the 'recipe'.  The dark fabric was supposed to be 4 strips and the light 3... I reversed it because that Batik is so amazing and I wanted more of it.  I also added two panels to stretch it for the longer table.  Since there was a lot of pink on the Sassy Strips runner I used black binding, which ended up being a great choice.

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  1. You are on your way, Tina! Two great blog entries! Keep it up!