Sunday, March 4, 2012

Comfy Couch Blanket - Quilt #3

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Most quilt patterns are in sizes of lap/crib, twin, queen and king.  I want something in between.  Maybe I'm just being difficult and refuse to follow 'recipes' as written, but I love sitting under blankets on the couch.

The crib size is too small and twin too big.  This blanket measures 41" x 64", the perfect size for covering one person on the couch, two if you're snuggling.  :)  It has 72 four by four squares and three borders.  It's a basic Four Patch pattern, but I added some length and an extra border.

The colors in my house are based on a western theme.  Browns, beige, rust/deep red, and green.  The polka dot fabric is my focus and while it looks black in this picture it's actually brown.  I also needed a non-neutral color and there was dark blue in the dots, so I pulled that out in one of the borders.  (The blue border is brighter in the picture than it actually is.)

I'm using 7 fabrics + warm & natural batting:
  • Fabric A Dark - Focus (36 inner squares and outer border)
  • Fabric B Medium - Green leafy (36 four patch inner squares)
  • Fabric C Light - Beige (36 four patch inner squares)
  • Fabric D Dark - Rust (inner border 1)
  • Fabric E Medium - Blue (inner border 2)
  • Fabric F Dark - Green (binding)
  • Fabric G Light - Camel (flannel backing)
My first quilt I took my time and made sure everything was near perfect.  The second quilt I got a little over confident so there were a few mistakes on it.  I re-grouped, worked through my mistakes and learned a few new things along the way.  Quilt #3 came out really good!  My squares are on point, the inner design didn't stretch, and using flannel for the backing worked out better this time.

A note to the other quilters out there: washing, pressing and starching the fabrics before starting a project is the way to go!

Since four patch quilt patterns are pretty standard, I won't include all the cutting/piecing instructions - but if anyone wants them, let me know.  Border widths are - Inner border one: 3"; Inner border two: 1.5"; Outer border: 4.5".


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  1. Nice work Tina, I love it!! Amy :)