Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wall Hanging #1

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wall hanging with applique butterfly

Babies are so much fun - and they're even more fun when I get to make things for them!  A teacher friend I worked with last school year was blessed with a baby girl this summer so I made a wall hanging for them.  This measures approx. 20" x 20".  I had a great time with the fabrics; the squares in the upper right and lower left corner was a treasure I found at a local quilt shop in Snohomish. 

applique butterfly on a wall hanging
The center square fabric has glitter, what can I say, I'm easily distracted by shiny things.  Glitter will almost always catch my eye.  :)  What's more girlie than a butterfly?  I found the beautiful batik I used for the wings at a quilt shop in Port Townsend.  Isn't it perfect for this use?  I used a back stitch for the antennae and french knots for the eyes by hand embroidery, appliqued the cheeks, and finished with a cute button for the nose.

blind stitched binding on back of wall hanginghanging sleeve on wall hangingFor the backing I used some fabric in my pile and added a hanging sleeve.  This was my first time ever making a sleeve!  This was also my first time doing a blind stitch on my binding.  Thank goodness for YouTube so I could learn how to do it...

In all, this was a really enjoyable project and I can't wait to make more in the future! 


  1. Beautiful! I know Kirsten loved it!
    Michelle Andersen

  2. Tina, I live in NW Oregon. My two kids live in Port Townsend, WA. I travel from home to TriCities, Yakima, spend the night in Ellensburg (because I don't want to hit Seattle when there's lots of traffic, so I get up early the next morning and leave hotel there), head to Seattle, to Kingston Ferries, across the water and through Port Gamble and stop at their quilt shop in the big old barn and I always end up spending over $200, and then on to Port Townsend. Last time I went to PT's quilt shop, I wasn't impressed. Not enough fabric. But it could be that it was new and they haven't been able to buy a lot of fabric yet. Do you live by Port Townsend? I just get excited if I find out someone lives by me or my kids. Jeanne

    1. Hi Jeanne - we love Oregon. So far we've spent a weekend in Portand and been up and down the coast. Port Gamble's shop,
      Quilted Strait, is probably my favorite one so far. I haven't been to any in Oregon though. I agree on Port Townsend's shop - she's tucked into the back of another store and doesn't have room for many fabrics. I'm a few hours away from Port Townsend. We try to camp there at least once a year.