Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nursing Cover

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nursing cover made with soft flannelSince the Bunny for Baby quilt was a gift to Rayma from my Mom, I wanted to send along a little something as well, from me.  I was inspired by these nursing covers as gifts when I saw a friend of mine had made one as a gift, and I loved it!  Her sister told her they are really nice to have and kind of expensive to buy.  That's all it took, I went to the store and got the pattern right away. 

I made this out of warm, snuggly flannel.  The strap is adjustable with D-rings, there is a pocket on the inside and there is boning along the neck area to keep it off the chest so mom can look in at baby easier.  It went together pretty quick. 

Anyone else want one??

nursing cover features a pocket insidenursing cover has boning along the top


  1. I want one! I'm from The Quilting Board and saw your blog site at the bottom of one of your posts. I decided to read it. I really, truly like your site. It's not all fancy smancy like some sites. Yours is straight forward. I am going to keep reading back aways. Thanks for making my Sunday morning so entertaining! Jeanne Pretty boring site I have, no frills or anything.

  2. Hi Jeanne! Thanks so much for looking at the blog and taking the time comment! I really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay. :) I'll have a look at your blog too.