Friday, November 2, 2012

Hiking or Sewing?

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After a few days of rain, we had a nice break in the weather with dry conditions and mild temps.  After I got off work today we left to hike the Iron Goat Trail near Stevens Pass.  This area is rich in history.  It once thrived as a rail line from Everett, WA to Minneapolis, MN.  The winters are very harsh here causing snow blockages across the tracks and avalanches.  I'll let you read the link above for more information. 

Anyway - there's an upper and lower section to this trail, with a big climb on switchbacks between them.  I'd forgotten how steep and long that climb was.  Honestly, I thought it was miserable.  Finally we crested and it was all downhill from there back to the car.  Phew.  It was during this part of the hike I thought, "why am I here?  I should be home sewing.  I want to be sewing!"  Is it bad that instead of being out in nature, getting some exercise and spending quality time with my family, I was wishing I could be at home in my sewing room?

Fortunately, once I was past that hard part - I truly enjoyed every minute of the rest of the hike and I'm glad I went.  Though - I still would have enjoyed working on some projects.  Oh well, that's what football Sunday is for.  :)

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