Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Home Tweet Home - Quilt #9

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I have a lot of posts to write, so pardon them being a bit quick and dry.  This project followed the "Little Flyer" quilt pattern by Alex Anderson.  I must say, after finishing the piecing I decided I wouldn't make this one again.  There's a lot of little pieces!  And with all these little pieces it's very hard to get the points and rows to line up.  The center of the quilt follows the pattern, but I changed the border sizes and added an extra border.

This lap quilt measures 44" x 44" and it's a Christmas gift for Daryl's Mom and Dad.  I made them some placemats out of the blue background birdhouse fabric awhile ago.  I backed the quilt with flannel for snuggly warmth during the cold Wisconsin winters. 

Recently I saw a post on the Quilting Board about intentionally using the wrong side of a fabric.  I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, OCD personality so I had never thought about doing this.  A few days after reading that post, I was putting the borders on this quilt.  As I was pinning the 1" middle border for stitching (right sides together), I saw that the wrong side of the fabric actually looked better with the rest of the fabrics.  The right side was quite a bit darker... so I unpinned it and used the wrong side.  I felt a bit ..... naughty, scandalous, excited - I don't know the words I'm looking for.  I felt free. Free from the 'inside of the box'.  I felt like I had stepped outside the box.  It might be a baby step, but it's a start!

~ Enjoy ~

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