Monday, April 1, 2013

Rice Bag Covers

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Rice Bag CoverI've made things for a local vet in the past; it's sew fun getting the animal fabrics and learning new techniques for making unusual things.  The most recent item they needed was rice bag covers.  They put rice in IV bags, and warm those up when heat applications are needed (genious!).  They wanted covers that would be thick enough so the animal wouldn't get too much heat, but thin enough that the warmth would transfer through. 

I was on a mission.  First I needed to find the right combination of fabrics, then I had to learn the best way to make the bag.  I hadn't ever made a bag before, so this was new territory for me.  My first try was fleece, but then I thought of all the times I'd worn that on a breezy day and the cold came right through.  Next idea was flannel, but that's too thin.  Then I started thinking about sweatshirt fleece with a cotton novelty, and after a quick conversation with Dionne, she agreed.

I brought a test bag by the hospital, and we put a warmed rice bag in.  They insulate very well so there isn't a risk of burning the animal, they hold that heat nicely, and they are soft and cushioney.  I made these so there aren't any exposed seams.  Technically they are reversible, but the velcro tab closure is only on the fleece.  The velcro keeps the bag from falling out, also eliminating the risk of burning an animal.
Rice Bag Covers
In the end I learned a few new things, helped the vet make their patients more comfortable, and had fun doing it!

~ Enjoy ~

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