Friday, April 19, 2013

Tray table ironing board

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Tray table ironing board
We used to use these tray tables in our travel trailer, but now we don't need them in there.  My husband has one in our bedroom to put all of his 'stuff' (keys, wallet, phones, etc) and I decided to use the other as an ironing table that I could keep next to me while sewing.

Tray table ironing boardThe bottom layer is insul-brite, and that is covered by ironing board fabric.  I stapled those layers on the underside.  All the tutorials show stapling the cover fabric as well, but I wanted it to be removable for washing (or changing my mind on fabric colors).  I cut a rectangle, and stitched a pocket all the way around.  Originally I wanted elastic, but didn't make it quite big enough for that.  I found some kitchen twine and put that into my pocket as a drawstring and it worked like a charm.  I got a mini iron perfect for the tray table and use it to press seams as I go.

There aren't photos step by step on this one, but my husband wants a cover for his table so I'll do tutorial photos with that one.

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