Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sewing Room 1.2

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 If you've been following the blog for awhile, you'll remember in September 2012 I cleaned out a room that had essentially been junk storage and made it into my sewing room.  For new readers, or those that don't remember, click here to see the post.

As I've been using the room, I discovered that it would be nice to put some sort of hard floor in.  Whenever I try to zoom across the room in my chair, it would flop instead of roll, pins were hard to find, and no matter how often I vacuum, whenever a project touched the floor it would come up with lint, thread or hair on it. 

I recently had a milestone birthday and my mom flew in to celebrate.  Her gift to me was laminate wood floors.  It really stressed me out taking the room apart, but I knew it was all for the greater good.  My husband worked so hard on this project.  The carpet and pad came out pretty easy, he sanded the floors and away we went.

Voila, the finished product!  Dionne and I have already roll tested the floor and it works perfect.  I think it totally changes the look of the room and I love it!

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