Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hippy Blanket - Quilt #4

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bright hippy fabric with flying geese
At first I thought I misspelled hippy... but a little research by my husband assured me that I did not.  In the process, we learned that there is a difference in the people that are a hippy or hippie.  My friend Renee is a hippy.  She had a milestone birthday recently, with a rockin' party to celebrate it, and I couldn't think of anything better to give her than a homemade lap blanket.  She is warm, kind, giving, funny, and does so much for the people that touch her life in one way or another.  So, one more time - Happy Birthday my friend!

peace sign fabric for a hippy quiltBy the time I figured out what I'd be doing as her birthday gift, I had 3 weeks to get fabric picked out and the quilt made.  In that time, our cat got sick and ultimately went to heaven so I ended up taking a week off from any sewing.  In my haste to get the blanket finished for the party, I forgot to take measurements, but it's approximately 40" x 50".  There are 9 geese across the top/bottom and 12 geese on both sides.   It has a hot pink flannel backing.  To attach the three layers (top, batting, backing) in the large center area, I used felt flower buttons... so fun. 

flying geese in a hippy quiltFabric choices... oh this was hard.  Renee likes the peace sign, vibrant colors, tie-dye, etc.  The large inner rectangle was my focus fabric and I spent 2 days at 3 different fabric stores finding coordinating items.  I had something like 5 or 6 fabrics picked out, all of them had a pattern.  It was really bothering me, it was too busy and just didn't work.  One final evening, on my way out to dinner with my husband, I stopped into a quilt shop called The Needle and I in Everett.  I needed at least one solid color to pull this all together.  The gals in that shop were great, and they had exactly what I needed.  We talked some fabric strategy and I left with a better plan than I went in with.  Finally, I could get started feeling good about my choices.

For the finished product, I packed it into a large plastic bag and made a 'label' out of card stock so it would look a little like something bought in a store.  We looked up 60's lingo to try and make it look like it came from that time. I downloaded some hippy fonts and we were set!  The 'advertising' I put on the label said:
  • Use of this blanket guaranteed to provide peaceful naps
  • Made from all "natural" materials
  • It's so boss
  • Sport this and you will be groovy
  • Great for picnics with friends or Grateful Dead concerts
  • Handmade in the USA
  • The colors, like wow man
  • It's a far out birthday gift
This was a really fun project.

Peace sign fabric and coordinating flying geese


  1. So cool!! What a beautiful gift, she will treasure it, I'm sure! :)
    Amy M.

  2. Amazing! An incredibly thoughtful gift.

  3. It is even better in person....a beautiful work of art. I will treasure it forever. I am one lucky hippy chick...thank you, dear friend!

  4. Thanks Amy and Sandy.
    So glad you like it Renee, it was my pleasure and so much fun to make. :)

  5. Where did you get the peace fabric?

    1. SewKr8v, I got the peace fabric at Joann's. Thanks for looking!