Monday, May 14, 2012

Merry Merry Snowman - Block One

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I know it's been awhile since I posted... I have been working on some sewing projects for a client, and I finished one blanket that I can't post yet because it hasn't been given to the recipient.  I will get back to quilting soon, my projects are piling up! 

In the meantime, I did join a quilt block of the month club.  Pacific Fabrics in Everett, WA is doing one that doesn't involve going to a class every month.  This quilt will be made up of 9 blocks and includes embroidery and applique.  This is my first time doing either.  Thanks (again) to my friend Judi who helped me through the first block. 

The snowman, hat, cupcake holder, table and sign are applique.  The words, sign string, arms, eyes, and nose are embroidered.  I used a padded satin stitch for the eyes and nose.  I used a basic backstitch for the lettering.  I learned how to do both from videos on the internet!  Now I'm anxious to get started on the second block, which I will post when I'm finished.  :)


  1. My very good friend has finished her "Merry Merry Snowman" quilt and is machine quilting it as I write. She's also doing another applique BOM. She hand turns her applique. I'm doing the same BOM as she is (the other one) and I'm using fusible webbing. I feel like a wuss!

    1. I wish I was that far along Jeanne. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. lol
      I have completely finished blocks 1 and 2. Three is appliqued, just needs the embroidery and I put the background of block 4 together. When I finish this one I intend to do another. Maybe a BOM Christmas quilt will be an annual thing for me.
      There is nothing wrong with webbing/machine applique. I like the look of it. One of the gals in our group is doing hand turned.
      Applique has become one of my favorite things to do in quilting.