Saturday, August 18, 2012

Camping Meal: Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches

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bagel sandwich for breakfast while camping
One of my favorite breakfast meals is a fried egg sandwich.  Toast some whole wheat bread, fry up a few farm fresh eggs (break the yolk) topped with salt and pepper, lightly melt a slice of cheddar over the eggs - oh yeah................... Ok, I'm back.

My husband doesn't like fried eggs, so I've modified the fried egg sandwich for a camping breakfast, and it's still scrumptious!  We enjoyed this tasty treat during our recent two week adventure to Glacier National Park, Idaho, Southeastern WA and Central Cascades.

4 slices bacon
2 bagel thins, lightly buttered on the inside
4 eggs
Dollop of heavy cream (or 1/2 and 1/2)
salt and pepper
2 slices cheddar

Heat a grill with a cast iron griddle on top, cook bacon.  While bacon is cooking, scramble the eggs with cream, salt and pepper then pour into a heated, oiled skillet.  As eggs start to set, lift edges and tip the skillet so the egg on top fills in.  Continue doing this until most of the egg is set.  Cut in half, then fold in half so you have a piece that fits onto each bagel, continue cooking over low - medium heat until egg is cooked inside and set.  Turn off the heat and place a slice of cheddar over the top of each egg piece.  When bacon has finished cooking, drain on a paper towel, remove the griddle and toast the bagel, top first so the butter on the inside melts into the bagel, then turn and toast the insides.  Assemble your breakfast bagel sandwich and eat outside by the campfire!

Another variation we came up with was the breakfast grilled cheese:
Prepare the eggs the same way as above;
Have the bacon already made and the griddle cleaned off;
Set up a traditional grilled cheese sandwich, but add the egg and bacon
Oh, and another thing I added was some crumbled fresh goat cheese to the eggs just before they were finished cooking (that's what the white spots are).
breakfast grilled cheese with egg and bacon

~ Enjoy ~

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