Friday, November 9, 2012

Dresden Plate Pillow #1

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Dresden Plate in 5 different reds and 5 differents tans and creamsRecently I joined a new forum, Quilting Board, after lurking around it for awhile.  There are so many great ideas from such talented people!  This is where I discovered the magnificent Dresden Plate.  The person made theirs as a table topper, and many people make quilts with Dresden Plates.

My friend's middle daughter recently moved into her own place so I wanted to make her a housewarming gift.  I decided a decorative pillow would be best.  Really nice ones are expensive, and can be hard to find in just the right colors.  I was having trouble deciding on a pattern for the pillow - until I saw the Dresden.  Right away I knew what I'd be doing.  I consulted my friend about what colors Aimee is decorating with, and went to work collecting fabrics.

This is so much fun, and using the Easy Dresden Tool it looks much harder than it is.  I'm now going to make Dresden pillows for myself and maybe even make a matching Dresden pillow with my quilts!  Maybe.

My first attempt at pillows a few years ago didn't go well, so I've been afraid to make them ever since.  The actual construction of the pillow, and closing it, went really well this time.  But ... I still learned a good lesson.  If using black fabric - line it!  The pillow fibers poke through and against the black fabric you can see every one of them.  A lint roller didn't pull them out, neither did duct tape!  I started pulling them out - one by one.  Then, a single piece turned into a few pieces, and as I kept pulling the wad of batting was getting larger, making it harder to pull out until I ended up with a hole. 

I took the Dresden Plate off the pillow and started over, this time lining the black with muslin.  Worked like a charm.  Since I had to piece the backing fabric from 3 strips, I ran a line of decorative stitching along each seam.  I put a thin strip of fusible interfacing behind the seams to give it some rigidity while doing the topstitching of the leaves.  I have a new quilting love/addiction..........
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~ Enjoy ~

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