Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I call her Shelby

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I started sewing about 3 years ago.  My neighbor Crystal wanted to make aprons and I said I was all in to help.  We had such fun picking out fabrics and patterns, but my only experience with sewing was helping my mom makes clothes when I was a kid.  She taught me all the basics and eventually I bought a starter machine to learn with. 

My first purchase was a basic Singer and the tension wasn't working right so I took it back (in hindsight it probably just needed adjusting).  Then I bought a Brother from Costco for $130.  All of the sewing items on this blog were made with that machine.  It's carried me quite far and I've learned so much since I started.  But, alas, it's time to upgrade.  Now that I've found my niche I just need more room to work.  The 4.5" throat (or opening from the needle right), was too small for many quilting projects.  Daryl can attest to lots of cuss words eminating from my sewing room.  That being said, the Brother is a great little workhorse piecing machine.

I've been saving money for a little while to purchase a new machine.  I bounced around between Husqvarna, Janome, Pfaff and finally settled on the Elna eXcellence 740.  She has a huge throat space, lots of stitches and came with all the feet and accessories I will need for quilting.  She sews smooth, takes thick fabric in layers really well and she purrs when she runs.

This year for Christmas we decided to visit my Mom in Arizona for some sun and warmth over Christmas.  Since we have 2 dogs, and boarding costs more than the airline tickets, we chose to drive.  Mom pulled off a huge Christmas surprise... the sewing machine I'd been saving for.  Holy cow!  I'm humbled by her generosity.  Daryl was a big help in keeping me from buying the machine when my salesperson called with a sale, and I'm told he did so much research he now knows more about sewing machines than he ever wanted to.  I'm excited to do more sewing!  Now a new learning curve begins!  Here's a picture of the two machines together....  Little Brother has a big sister, and her name is Shelby.  :)
Elna eXcellence 740 and Brother CE4000

~ Enjoy ~


  1. Your mom and Daryl knew about this nice surprise for months on end...so, so, hard to keep secret, but they both did a good job! Welcome Shelby to the family...happy sewing!

    1. Hearing their stories cracked me up. They really did a great job pulling off this surprise. :)