Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mug Rugs

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I've been hearing a lot lately about mug rugs.  They are larger than a coaster to accomodate your beverage and a snack.  The other benefit is you get more design space.  :)  As a Christmas gift this year for a few friends and teachers I work with, I customized these to their likes.  They all vary in size depending on the design I went with.  I had a blast with a wonky cut batik, half dresden in batik, seahorses in batik, and Washington Huskies. 

The seahorses, WA Huskies, and half dresden were done with applique.  On the wonky cut I quilted in 2 flowers, one facing up and the other down so it's technically right side up no matter which way it's turned.  For the seahorses, I did a doodle all over quilting.  On the half dresden and WA Husky rugs I quilted by just tracing the object.

Batik Half Dresden Mug Rug
Batik Half Dresden Applique
WA Huskies Mug Rug
Washington Huskies Applique
Batik Seahorses Mug Rug with doodle quilting
Batik Seahorses w/doodle quilting
Batik Wonky Mug Rug with flower quilting
Batik Wonky w/flower quilting


  1. OMG...they are awesome. My favorite is either the sea horses or the Wonky w/ flower...love it!

  2. Thanks for the feedback KJ, and I really appreciate knowing which ones really caught your eye. :)
    Happy New Year!