Monday, August 5, 2013

Knitting Needle Case

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Knitting Needle Case
A dear friend of mine is amazing with needles.  She knits and crochets turning out beautiful, wearable art.  For her birthday she received a entire set of gorgeous wooden needles.  In order to protect them she wanted a case.  When she asked me to make it for her I was so honored, and excited to get going on the project. 

Renee sent me a few ideas for cases she found online, and gave me some stunning seahorse fabric to use.  Having never made one before, I chose a tutorial, made a prototype out of scrap fabric, and jotted down notes on how I would do it different.  We met for lunch so she could see it before I cut into the good fabric, and she loved it.  YAY! 

Knitting Needle CaseIt was a bit nerve wracking making the first cut - I didn't want to make any mistakes and waste any of the seahorse fabric.  But, all went well and the finished project turned out beautifully!

Thanks Renee for letting me make this for you, for giving me projects that challenge my skills and knowledge, and for letting me use your photo of the case all filled up.  :)

~ Enjoy ~

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