Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn Table Runners

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Autumn table runners
Since I've learned to sew and quilt, I'm embracing decorating my tables for the seasons or holidays.  I didn't want to decorate for Halloween because making something general for fall made more sense.  Halloween stuff can stay out pretty much just in October, but if I made autumn themed runners they could be out from mid-September all the way through Thankgsiving!  I'm a more-bang-for-your-buck kinda girl.  :)

I'm also a glitter, sparkly and colorful kinda girl.  My friend Dionne and I went shopping a few months ago and found some beautiful fall fabrics.  So, here's how I used them!

Table runner using Quilt Bug free pattern
For this runner, on the bar table, I used a pattern from QuiltBug.com.  It's looks complicated, but it went together pretty quick!  I only changed it by adding 4 rows (two on each end).  The strips are not cut on the bias, but will be once you sew them diagonally.  For this reason, be careful how much you stretch the runner as you're making it.  For quilting I used stitch in the ditch on every other strip.  I love all three fabrics, but the glittery fall leaves is my favorite!

Gorgeous fall fabrics with glitter!

The next runner, for the dining table, I used Twiddle Tails' Strippy Runner pattern/tutorial.  This was fun and really easy.  For the first time since I started quilting, I cut strips without laboring over a ruler ensuring my cuts were exactly straight, and it was so nice!  My husband saw the runner top put together and was shocked I would make something like this since I'm so anal and haven't been known to do random, 'imperfect' projects.  I have been known to surprise him now and then.  Watch out world - Tina is learning to be crazy!  :)

When I started sewing the strips together, I was thinking I may not like the runner, then as I saw the bigger picture, I thought it was going to be difficult to get the 'quilt sandwich' layers to stay flat.  I was regretting going wonky, but then, it all worked out beautifully.  For quilting I used stitch in the ditch on every 3rd strip.  I look forward to making more of these!
Fall table runner using wonky cut strippy patternFall table runner with beautiful fabrics
~ Enjoy ~

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